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Bachelor Graduation Set
Bachelor set includes the black Bachelor gown, black one size fits all cap, and black tassel. The gown size is by your height. The cap is a one size fits all with an elastic in the back of the cap. The Plus Size gown will comfortably fit a bust/waist/hip measurement of 72". If you do not need this much width in the body of the gown, but your weight is slightly higher than the ranges listed below, order the next gown length, i.e., instead of 5'3 - 5'5, order 5'6 - 5'8. The Bachelor gown is different from this Master gown. The Master gown sleeves have a hook at the end and drape down from the wrist. The Bachelor gown sleeves are bell shape at the wrist.
Price: $33.95

Please visit the Victoria College Bookstore to purchase.
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